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All categories Analyser Audioeditor Bitcrusher/Lo-fi Chorus Collection Compressor/Limiter DAW De-Esser Delay Distortion/Saturation/Tape Drummachine Equaliser Exciter Filter Flanger/Phaser Gate Guitar amps Looper/Glitch Multi effect other Pitch'n'Time Reverb Ringmodulation Sampler/Sample-Player Sequencer/Arpeggiator Synthesizer Tools Transient designer Tremolo/Panning Vocoder

Audiothing Blindfold EQ
Music Pattern Generator
AudioSpillage MiniSpillage
Elena Design Synlay
Voxengo Tube Amp Esfera 2
Aegean Music Pitchproof
Acon Digital Verberate Basic 2
Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC
JHudStudio Vocal King
HY-Plugins HY-MBMFX2
Manda Audio 7Q
Vember Audio Surge
Beat Subtraxx 5
Club-power for everyone
Imaginando DLYM
Versatile chorus and flanger effect
Sonic Bits Sphere
Intuitive Reverb effect with great sound